About ME

Hello, a warm welcome to Jenna Hive!

My aim is to encourage, support and empower you on your journey. To bring you greater practices of self kindness, love and peace into your life.

There have been challenging and pivotal points in my life, where I experienced isolation, loneliness, confusion, helplessness and deep self-hatred. I struggled to love myself and embrace how i felt. These periods were deeply crippling and self shaming at the same time. I was seeking meaningful answers and a new direction of life, with the intention to live more peacefully and with a greater sense of freedom.

At the time I hadn't realised that this journey would lead me to discovering powerful tools and a new way of being and responding to myself, this has changed my life in profound and meaningful ways. So much so that i created Jenna Hive, allowing me to share these empowering tools with the world to help others transform their lives with deeper meaning, more peace, joy and with greater ease. Embracing kindness, truth, and every individual stepping into their inner power and innate wisdom.

The Way I Work

My journey to becoming a wellness therapist naturally evolved into working in conjunction with the Mind, the Emotional state, Body and Spirit. My academic journey in Biochemistry and Herbal Medicine showed me clearly the power and importance of working within all these aspects. Integrating clinical pathology and the importance of natural health and nutrition to support and allow the body to thrive to its greatest optimum. I then further developed my clinical practices with hypnosis, meditation, inner child work, parts work therapy, solution focused psychotherapy, past life regression, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and Lazer Tapping. This level of transformative work releases limiting beliefs, patterns and blocks. My personal journey has lead me to achieve beautiful and insightful practices to connect to our inner knowing and psychic mind. This enables us all to strengthen our intuition and engage in our own directional compass, bringing us back to our authentic self with clarity whilst embodying our truth and trusting it. 

Through Jenna Hive you will equip yourself with a set of powerful transformative tools which enables you to accomplish the following;

  • Reclaiming and owning your power regardless of the dynamics you find yourself in
  • Regaining confidence and getting clarity, taking charge of your life's direction
  • Enhancing and developing self compassion and kindness, experiencing the peace that comes with that
  • Prioritising yourself and your needs and desires
  • Aligning to and deepening your connection to your inner voice and knowing
  • Transcending limiting beliefs, programs and states of self sabotage
  • Remaining authentic to yourself whilst embodying ones truth
  • Transitioning through the shadow state into higher self perspective
  • Overcome self limiting relationships that keep you small in your life
  • Valuing your life state enough to overcome the walls of limitation
  • Learning and utilising manifestation to create what you desire in your life and what is in true alignment with you

Within the scopes of these practices you will learn to accept what you are feeling in that given time and learn to trust what you feel is there for a reason, thus, allowing you to get clarity and to make strong and healthy decisions whilst engaging with your own intuition and inner guiding voice.

I hold one to one sessions, retreats, workshops and share videos with tools, personal stories and from time to time my music or artistic creations. I look forward to welcoming you on this nurturing and transformational journey ahead.