“Being in Jen’s presence feels like coming home. She is warm and compassionate and has a way of holding space that encourages openness, trust and a knowing that you are in safe hands. Jen has made an immeasurable difference to my life and I will always be truly grateful that her skills were so beautifully put to work in me. I am able to see through the fog that once clouded my mind, well, actually the fog is all but gone and has been replaced by a knowing light of hope and positivity that encourages me to move forward with a feeling of optimism. Jen has given me the tools to maintain an easier and more joyful life, not because bad things don’t happen but because I am able to navigate my way through the ups and downs with more balance and less anxiety. Jen is my Angel on earth. She held space when I needed it most.”


“The love and light that Jen brings to her consultations instantly makes you feel comfortable and that you know you are going to be taken care of. I first saw Jen as a recommendation and received herbs that instantly started taking care of me. Since then I have seen Jen a number of times over the years and even worked with Jen to rid me of Phobia fears. Jen is an ultimate professional, but still conducts herself with such grace, a welcoming smile and caring heart. Everyone needs a little bit of Jen in their lives.”


“Jen has had an enormous healing impact on my life. When i visited her i was in pain from a break up, the loss of a loved one and i was struggling in a career i didn’t enjoy. My confidence was rock bottom and i felt lost and alone, i knew i needed some help so i decided to book a session and i never looked back. Jen is very intuitive and gifted at seeing into people, i felt completely seen, held and supported by her in a way i haven’t by anyone before. She helped me to heal and guided me to greater self love and compassion. It was a profound journey and today i feel stronger, more confident and have greater peace in my life. Thank you Jen i am forever grateful to you for being a bright and beautiful light in my life!”


I received a healing session with Jen when I was at a recent retreat. I was triggered by something and felt a lot of emotion arise in me. Jen was able to intuitively sense where the trigger was coming from (in this instance to do with my father). In the process Jen took me through, she was able to guide me back to the source of the trigger when I was a child. She made me feel very safe and held and I felt very comfortable to express my feelings and emotions. This was deeply healing for me and I was taken to a place in which I could resolve and amend my feelings and perception of the situation. Since this release , I have felt so much more open and free to express myself, I feel a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders – one I had been carrying around unconsciously for many years – it is truly amazing the work she does. I am very grateful to Jen for helping me so much. I want to do more work with her as it is so revealing and healing. She is a gifted and sensitive healer.


I can honestly say Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me change my life. She works on all aspects of a person, from their deep set issues that we all have, to helping grow confidence and self esteem as well as helping people achieve their career goals and she has helped me with all of those things! 

I have never had a therapist that cares so deeply about her clients, and works so hard to ensure that every second of our time together is in service of helping me realise my own potential. I am so grateful that I found Jen!